How do I install?

Watch how to install
Download to your device using the Garmin ConnectIQ app on your phone. Once on your device, add Wind Field as a datafield. It will be listed under Connect IQ. Wind Field will display a code after a few minutes which you use above to register.

How do I get the code to register?

A 5 character code will show up every 5 minutes while using the app.

How do I add the optional fields?

Access them thru the Garmin ConnectIQ app on your phone.

I'm not getting a registration code or the data isn't updating

Your phone must be near by and the Garmin Connect app must be running

Why does the arrow flash sometimes?

This just means that the data is being updated.

What if I get a new Garmin device?

Transfer to your new device here

How do I uninstall if I don't like it?

Remove it from all of your datascreens (and profiles) and then you will be able to delete it in the Garmin Connect or Garmin Express app.

Is my data private and safe?

I store both your email address and unique garmin device identifier so that I can identify if you have paid or not. Your latitude and longitude are stored temporarily in server logs which are deleted after 7 days. I'm also storing the max windspeed encountered for each country for future use. Server security updates are performed regularly.